Inter-Island Household Moving

Insurance Considerations

For Household Relocations Between Auckland and the Queenstown Lakes.

Avoiding Moving Disasters

From time to time trucks are involved in terrible accidents, the odds are usually very small. Who causes them is of little comfort when a complete household is badly damaged or written off.

Our guidance notes here are to help you make the best decisions so that all is not lost. The starting point is to check if cover for moving house is provided under your household contents policy. Usually this is excluded; you will then not have cover.

All moving companies are bound by the Carriage of goods act 1979 which define minimum responsibilities when operating a transport service. This limit within the act means your consignment will be subjected to Limited Carriers Liability when there is no alternative written agreement in place.

moving a jetski inter-island

$2000 Limit
Carriers Liability

Under an arrangement like this, your household will be significantly under insured. The limit is set at $2000.00 per unit of goods.

This means that quality and valuable articles in your household can be covered up to this level and no more. [subject to age and condition.]

The act makes provision for moving companies to carry loads at Owner’s Risk.

Most moving companies will indicate carriage is at ‘0wners Risk’ because of the vast differences in valuation of each consignment and the increased risks involved.

Under owners risk you will need to arrange your own cover, with your own insurers. You will find this to the best value option, and not at all daunting. The act demands all insurance agreements for moving be given in writing and signed by both parties.

Making sure all is not lost.

The first stepis to consult your existing agent or broker for their advice. It is a terrible circumstance to discover you are not covered when perhaps you only thought you were.

Some moving companies ‘will promote their own insurance schemes but this option is considerably more expensive as the premiums quoted will carry a generous profit margin over what you could have arranged from the same insurers to the same value.

It is a safer strategy to negotiate the cover you need directly with a familiar insurer than trust that a firm arrangement is in place when in fact it may be vague, risky or nonexistent!

Some movers may offer you free insurance cover. Be very wary of this claim and find out with whom this arrangement exists and the terms and limits of such arrangements.

It is not possible to offer free insurance without the excess level being totally unrealistic. Very few insurers will offer a blanket cover arrangement to moving companies, mainly because the valuations of households vary by staggering amounts.

Small odds

Pricing Guide

The costs of arranging adequate transit only cover for your move should not involve a significant additional cost. Basic transit cover, the most popular choice, will protect you for most but not all scenarios.

This cover is available at a rate of around 0.5% of the valuation of your consignment covering claims due only to an accident involving the transit vehicles or vessels only.

A more comprehensive cover extending the risks to embrace handling mishaps, theft etc,shouldbe obtainable for around 1% of the load valuation. In each case an excess limit will apply, usually within the $400.00 – $600.00 range.

Sometimes trucks are involved interrible accidents, so, just as you cover your household contents against disaster at home. You need to be most careful when moving ‘everything’ that ‘All’ is not lost. It just doesn’t have to happen.

Affordable Transit cover
is available for about 0.5%
of the value of the consignment

Take care to establish an accurate market valuation of your consignment so that you are not subjected to clauses governing under valuation of your household.

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For comparative insurance quotations, the following organizations have good credentials and may be helpful.

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